Trisha Paytas’ Latest YouTube Drama

A Guilty Indulgence & Escape

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What Exactly Happened?

Over the course of about two weeks, or one year, (depending on how you look at it) a personal drama was burying the seeds to explode. The basics are these:

  • Trisha Paytas, Jeffree Star, and friends went to Vegas in February 2020.
  • Trisha left early but is documented on social media having a good time.
  • About two weeks ago, Trisha vlogged a story about Vegas, including her experience with Jeffree’s “wig guy”.
  • Jeffree’s Wig Guy saw the video — and was pissed!
  • The Wig Guy live-streamed his feelings while having his hair done. In the course of which, he outed Paytas’s business information, and made threats.
  • Trisha saw the video and loaded a reaction video.

That about brings us up to speed. But before we dig into the details here is what you need to know:.

How Did It Start?

It all started with an Arby’s, as all classic stories do. Trisha Paytas, well known OG Youtuber, turned Only Fans superstar, was hungry and brought her fans along to watch. While she’s vlogging, she mentions her Vegas trip with Jeffree Star and her experiences with his “wig guy”. That was the end of it. Until today…

February 2020: Jeffree Star, newly single, jets to Vegas with Trisha Paytas and his glam squad. Apparently, however, Paytas left early.

While talking about the Vegas trip, she talks about Jeffree’s “wig guy.” Whether or not it was a smart decision to tell this story is really for another time. But from the crying videos that came after, one might think the answer is “no.”

Overall, she just seemed dissatisfied with the service. She makes sure not to mention him by name. Although diligent Jeffree Star fans should be able to put the pieces together. But soon, they wouldn’t need to.

But What Happened In The Past Year?

Here is a brief rundown of what you need to know:

June 2020: Tati Westbrook unleashed a video addressing her previous “internet-breaking” video, which launched Dramageddon — a major YouTube meltdown. And thus a drama was born.

Early July 2020: Trisha weighed in on the drama with her video “Tati dumb as hell.” She defends Jeffree — the subject of Westbrook’s video. However, she does mention the drama on the previously mentioned “Vegas Trip.” She admits that her relationship with Jeffree suffered after Vegas.

Mid-July 2020: Jeffree finally responds in mid-July with his video “Doing The Right Thing.” He talks about wanting to work on himself, and be a better person. That same month, Trisha is on record as explaining that Jeffree has apologized for his actions. She is, however, taking some time to process.

But What Did The Wig Guy Do?

The Wig Guy, HairbyJay, went on a live-stream while having his own hair done. And, to be honest, it’s a perfect example of why social media is toxic. His rant is akin to bitching with your girlfriends. This is a healthy pastime, but should never be broadcast. Let’s face it. It’s not our best side.

  • He goes into detail about his payment history with Trisha. In the process of which, he exposes her business name — subjecting Trisha to a hack.
  • He really attacks her weight. I mean, every possible insult he could think of comes out of his mouth. For reference, he calls her a “stupid dumb walrus-looking b***h”. That should give you an idea.
  • He specifically references the Vegas trip, confirming they talked about Trisha behind her back. From his point of view, Jeffree Star had paid for everything, and Trisha was not being appreciative enough. (That’s the nice way of putting it.)
  • At the end of his live-stream, HairbyJay really lets loose with loose threats and angry ranting.

The Spilled Tea

Today, Trisha finally saw the video, and in classic Trisha “crying on the floor” style, she reacted…and posted.

Trisha shows portions of HairbyJay’s live-stream, occasionally whimpering in the background, and understandably so. This is classic high school bullying behavior. Imagine watching a live-stream exposing, and highlighting, every of your insecurities.

While sobbing, Trisha explains her money movement to get HairbyJay paid. That should be the big takeaway here: she paid him. This is not a case of getting stiffed by an influencer.

Outside of the payment issue, however, Trisha understandably reacts to the insults and comments. Rightly, she says she felt “mean girl” energy during the Vegas trip, but offered to reimburse Jeffree for the lavish expenses many times.

Where Will The Pieces Fall?

When watching everything in one big chunk, (like I did tonight in a shame-spiral) it’s hard to guess how all the videos will shake out.

Trisha Paytas most definitely seems like the victim in the situation. The doxxing of her information, and consequent hack, are actually harmful actions. To say nothing of her documented delicate mental health, and the triggering words spewed in HairbyJay’s live-stream rant.

However, judging by the comments on HairbyJay’s live-stream, the fans watching were supportive and encouraging his rant. Is it possible that some will say he is justified? Paytas definitely has a tendency to catch the wrong kind of attention, and people devour her meltdowns.

Drama channels have jumped on the story, and most definitely side with Trisha. Viewer’s Voice was less than subtle with their video titled “Jeffree Star FIRE Your $2 Wig Guy.”

Where is Jeffree?

One pressing question is: where is Jeffree. According to Trisha, and the eyes of social media, HairbyJay was hanging out with Jeffree recently. In Star’s recent video addressing the laughable idea that he is down low dating Kanye West, HairbyJay is featured and mentioned by name. (And sporting the same hairstyle he is seen receiving in his live-stream.)

While he may not be dating the bipolar hip hop star, and failed presidential candidate, he has most definitely stumbled on the next challenge to his brand and reputation. HairbyJay’s actions do seem to demand a response.

Bullying Is Not Ok

Regardless, though, let’s not forget that these YouTubers are not just “personalities.” They are actual people.

Trisha may have a life of exposing her life and body, but seems absolutely justified to be horrified and personally offended. HairbyJay most definitely went for the jugular.

HairbyJay is absolutely allowed to rant to friends if he’s frustrated, but please think before hitting “publish.” Or better yet: don’t record it at all.



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