Hashtagged Reality

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Emotional Currency

I think that’s the real price that is being paid today. How much emotional currency can you spare? If you invest in this school shooting, will you have enough emotional currency to be angry about politics tomorrow? If you compare your life to the Kardashians will you be able to face the bills you have to pay? What you deserve versus what you get. We are all spending emotional currency. Maybe we are all depleted.

It’s hard not to look around the world these days and see nothing but problems. Student debt, medical costs, lack of insurance, lack of integrity… The news is an endless fountain of reasons why we should all give up. It’s exhausting. It’s hard to go to bed at night knowing, truthfully knowing, that tomorrow absolutely nothing will be different. The fact is that your voice is too soft when compared to the rest of the world screaming back at you. The fact is that your opinion is not backed by the same experts and sources that others are using and therefore is negated before even being considered. The fact is that your effort to power through each day is costing you more in emotional currency than you have to give.

So we resign ourselves to a Hashtagged Reality. We numb ourselves on Facebook, even though we know they are watching us. We play games on our phones, even though the Pokémon aren’t real. We find alcohol or drugs to ease the seesaw of life and provide balance, even though we know they do the opposite. We choose to skim over life rather than invest. We are tapped out on emotional currency.

I wish I had the answer, but I can tell you this: if you feel this way, you are not alone. There are people who feel, who care, who want and ache the same as you. There are people that are scared and lonely just like you. There are people who want to be authentic. There are people who are fighting the good fight against the Hashtagged Reality.

Do you want to fight with us? Dare to be truthful.



Let’s figure this out together.

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